Generac Press Release: Synergy

Revolutionary Generac Synergy Now Available for Sale

Unprecedented variable speed home backup generator saves fuel and runs quieter

Waukesha, Wis., – Sept. 23, 2014 – First unveiled at this year’s International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas on Feb. 4, Generac Power Systems today announced that its variable speed 20 kW Generac Synergy™ home standby generator with patented G-Flex™ technology is now available for sale through its extensive dealer network.

Many times, home standby generator owners do not use the full capacity of their generator. Most generator engines have to run at a constant 3,600 revolutions per minute to produce electricity, regardless of the electrical demand. Generac’s patented G-Flex technology changes that by allowing the engine on the Generac Synergy to run only as fast as necessary to meet the electric load demand. Thus, the Generac Synergy matches generator output to actual power needs. The end result is a much quieter, more fuel-efficient generator with exceptionally clean power output.

“G-Flex technology is a huge step forward for home standby generators because it allows the Generac Synergy to run more quietly and consume less fuel,” said Jake Thomas, Generac’s senior product manager. “But the real benefit is value. Saving on fuel costs means a faster return on the investment. It’s a win for consumers’ pocketbooks and a win for the environment.”

The unit’s G-Flex technology significantly reduces sound output. When the engine runs more slowly, it produces less noise. And improvements in the unit’s sound-attenuated enclosure reduce sound even more. At normal capacity, the Generac Synergy is significantly quieter than many competitive generators.

In addition, at 2.0 percent total harmonic distortion (THD), the unit offers exceptionally clean power— lower than both IEEE standards for utility power and published numbers for competitive air-cooled home standby generators. Clean power is essential when backing up computers or other sensitive electronic equipment, and the new Generac Synergy offers best-in-class protection for these types of devices.

The Generac Synergy also comes standard with Mobile Link™ cellular monitoring. With Mobile Link, owners can view their Synergy generator’s status and maintenance needs, set the unit’s exercise schedule, review it’s running and maintenance history, and receive push notifications to indicate status changes. They can even arrange to send notifications to their local dealer. This makes maintenance easier, since dealers can spot any issues in advance and can ensure the generator is operating smoothly, no matter the homeowner’s location. Mobile Link offers an iOS® and Android™ app that is free and downloadable for customers on the iTunes® App Store, Google Play™ and the Amazon Appstore.

The Generac Synergy starts at $5,299 MSRP with a 200 amp service entrance-rated transfer switch for U.S. customers, and with a 200 amp non-service entrance-rated transfer switch for customers in Canada.

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